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Top-10-electric-fabric-cutting-machines for 2020.

Why is the electric fabric cutting machine the best thing for you?  Being able to quickly, easily, and precisely cut fabrics is a huge benefit to any sewing enthusiast.

However, choosing the best fabric cutting machine can be a challenge.

These are our best recommendations for Rotary fabric cutters and electric scissors.

The electric fabric cutter is the best inventions for the sewing industry not only does it take the strain off your hands.

Rotary fabric cutter will allow you to work more efficiently. Especially when cutting the commercial quantity of fabric.

Another good thing about having good fabric cutting tools is that they are not limited to commercial fabric cutting only but they can be used for a Verity of projects large or small.

What are the risk associating with just using scissors to cut your garments?

Although you might be using the best cutting scissors.

10”  Wiss – Scissors & Shears Hand Tools. The very best for balance, clean-cut, durability, and rust-free.

Wiss, Scissors, Shears, Hand, Tools, scissors, best, balance, clean-cut, durability  

Repetitive strain injury

Nevertheless, by constantly using the scissors & shears every day to cut fabric. It can cause your wrist to hurt especially when cutting more than two layers of fabric.

I had the same experience and went and visited the doctor told him of the excruciating pain I am feeling in my wrist.

The doctor explained that it was a repetitive strain injury (RSI), sometimes referred to as repetitive stress injury, which is a gradual buildup of damage to muscles, tendons, and nerves from repetitive motions.

RSIs are common and may be caused by many different types of activities, is it usually associated with doing an activity repeatedly or for a long time. I went and did some research and find these solutions that I am going to share with you.

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For example, my friend and former employee. has always been complaining that her hands hurt.

I told her of my experience but she never takes my recommendations; then the problem got worst so much so that she just could not do anything with her hands, whenever she holds the scissors and try to cut the pain would start.

During these times of extreme pain she could not do any work as a result she loose some work time.

She finally take my advice and get an electric rotary fabric cutter, this takes the strain off her wrist and increase her production exponentially, the pain gradually subsided and she got back the use of her hands.

What are the benefits of using a fabric cutting machine

Increase production

Say for instance you have a lot of deadlines to meet and tons of work to cut.  For you to be laboring with a scissor just does not cut it at all.  An electric rotary fabric cutter is the best thing to increase your productivity. Having any fabric cutting tools will immediately increase the amount of fabric you can cut in one go. Some commercial fabric cutting machine can cut up to fifty (50) layers of double-ply of fabric.

Less strain on your hands

For all my beginners in the sewing industry and even the professional. I share with you my personal experience of how constant use of the scissor only will eventually damage your wrist. They even have electric scissors on the market now; so there is no need to put more strain on your hands that is necessary.

Increase speed

  • Power Output and Speed: Find a special selection of a fabric cutting machine that will suit you better. You need to get a pick that has a high-power motor that will bring about great speed and performance. For instance, find a machine that has 1.0HP motor or 80W power output. It should provide a higher cutting speed for top-notch services.

Cordless rotary fabric cutter they are very flexible and versatile

  • Cordless Vs. Corded Machines, find a unit that has a reliable power source that will serve you best. You need to choose between the corded and cordless options. The cordless units have built-in batteries to offers hours of runtime. While the corded machines have longer flexible power cords for continuous power supply.


  •  Also, make sure that the machine is widely applicable to suit your cutting needs. Find a machine with larger sharper blades. The blades should smoothly cut fabric, silk, leather, and wool among others.

Clean accurate cut.

Cutting with a rotary fabric cutter will make your finish garment more professional.

Clean accurate cut shows on the inside of the garment with straight edges that you can follow with the machine presser foot and keep your stitches straight.

Easy to use

  • How easy it is to use a high-speed straight knife fabric cutting machine? This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a cutting machine. If it’s too complicated to use, you’ll probably never use it. The goal is to choose a machine that is appropriate for your experience and comfort level.

  • Read through the product description and reviews to see how complicated it is to use the machine. Electronic machines are generally more complex, but some have more user-friendly designs than others.

RoMech Electric Cloth Cutter, Rotary Blade Fabric Cutting Machine, Octagonal Knife, Electric Rotary Scissors for Multi-Layer Leather Wool – 100W

  • CLEAN AND SMOOTH CUT, NO MESS. The octagonal blade and carbide-tipped, spring-loaded lower blade prevents the fabric from jamming.
  • POWERFULL MOTOR. RoMech powerful electric rotary cutter can cut up to 15 layers of fabric
  • EASY MAINTENANCE. This cloth cutting machine features an automatic sharpener that guarantees a sharp edge on every cut.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE. Suitable for commercial and industrial use, it can cut cotton, silk, synthetic fiber, leather and other materials, fabrics and cloth, etc.
  • RoMech BRAND QUALITY COMMITMENT. We stand behind the quality of our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. We provide a 45-day money-back and 12-month warranty. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for risk-free shopping.
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RoMech Mini Electric Cloth Cutter, Rotary Blade Fabric Cutting Machine, Octagonal Knife, Electric Rotary Scissors for Multi-Layer Leather Wool

70MM Rotary Blade Electric Fabric Cutter, Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine 110V

Electric Scissors, POWERAXIS Multi Cordless Electric Fabric Scissors with Two Blades, Electric Cutter for Fabric, Leather, Carpet,Paper,Cardboard with Release Safety Switch

Electric Scissors, POWERAXIS Multi Cordless Electric Fabric Scissors with Two Blades, Electric Cutter for Fabric, Leather, Carpet, Paper, Cardboard with Release Safety Switch

heavy duty, cutter, fabric,

CGOLDENWALL Electric Heavy Duty Fabric Cloth Cutter Scissors Vertical Leather Cutting Machine Automatic Sharpening Shears with LED Working Light (8 to 10 inches )

cutter fabric, light weight, rotary blade

Reliable 1000FR Hand-Held Fabric Cutting Machine With Round Knife Cutting Machine 2 inch, 1/4 inch cutting capacity, Cast Aluminium Head, High Torque Motor, Built-In Sharpener and Knife Guard

MXBAOHENG WBT-2 Cordless Electric Scissors for Cutting Fabric, carpet, sponge, and paper.

1. Convenient and portable, Battery mountable and Power pluggable.

2. Can cutting multi-layer fabric, Can do S-shape cutting freely. The incision is neat and no burr.

3. Low noise, favorable heat emission, battery is fully charged in just 2 hours and can work continuously (press the switch and keep on) for 1 hour.

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