1000FR Hand-Held Fabric Cutting Machin

Reliable 1000FR Hand-Held Fabric Cutting Machine With Round Knife Cutting Machine 2 inch, 1/4 inch cutting capacity, Cast Aluminium Head, High Torque Motor, Built-In Sharpener and Knife Guard

  • TIGHT RADIUS CUTTING – The advantage of a small blade vs. a larger blade is improved maneuverability, and the ability to cut a tight radius corner. The 1000FR will cut a single ply to multiple ply’s up to ¼” thick.
  • POWERFUL AC MOTOR – Cuts like a champ with it’s powerful AC motor. This round knife cutting machine cuts through up to 1/4” of material
  • CARBIDE TIPPED COUNTER BLADE – Reduces the amount of sharpening, lengthening the life of the blade, and reduces the pull of the fabric
  • BUILT-IN SHARPENER – Built-in sharper guarantees a sharp edge on every cut
  • FRONT KNIFE GUARD – An adjustable front knife guard ensure the operator’s safety


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