Seam Ripper Set for Sewing Thread Removal


Seam Ripper Set for Sewing Thread Removal – Sewing Supplies with Sharp Ripper, Tailor’s Chalk, and Measuring Tape – Sewing Tools for Tailors

  • Renew and complete your sewing accessories and supplies with this great kit from Gamo that allows you to (un)do everything the right way in your tailor’s workshop.
  • SEAM RIPPERS FOR SEWING – No matter how advanced your sewing notions are, you know mistakes are inevitable. The good news is they’re no longer irreversible! With 2 small 3.5” and 2 large 5.5” rippers, you can make quick and precise thread snips to remove unwanted stitches.
  • TAILOR’S CHALK – Good tailoring requires good planning. Trace your pattern on any kind of fabric using 4 triangular pieces of colored chalk, 2.3 inches in size each. Make accurate lines to cut along with precision, leaving no smudges. Clean, safe and convenient.
  • MEASURING TAPE – Use this flexible tape to measure up to 60 inches of fabric. It extends easily to a convenient length and you can simply fold it up for easy storage. Along with the chalk, it makes a great tool for transfering patterns to fabric to form the basis for amazing clothing.
  • TURN HARD WORK INTO A WORK OF ART – Whether you’re a professional or an amateur tailor or you simply enjoy designing, making and adjusting your own clothes, this set of sewing accessories and supplies is the ideal choice for you. It allows you to fully apply your skills to make beautiful garments for commercial or personal use.


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