Shipping Policy

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shipping policy

This is an affiliate website; we only promote other companies goods and services. Any product you see on this site is not made by us neither do we have a physical store. Therefore when you click on any product or services you are clicking on an embedded link that will take you directly to the merchant or manufacturers. They will handle all your truncation we do not collect payments on this site.

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Our Return Policy

This is an affiliate website we only promote other company goods and services, however, The goods and services we advertise on our site are from trusted and reputable companies that have been in the business of customer service for many years. And any query or issue you might have with their product they will address them forthwith.
But we do not handle the product you may purchase, we also do not take payments on this website and are no obligated to return what we never received.


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installations and service

Some merchants may provide in-home installation services. But we encourage that you follow all the instructions set out in manual has recommended by the manufacturer. The merchant that we promote is always good at following up with their customers with any concerns they may have.

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